Come witness our world famous taxes, traffic, and teenagers! LOL

….I have not yet mailed my postcard because I think Im going to send it to the governor of California instead.. I will post later what I have decided to do

art event 2

Improv dance show- CSUSM-  november 2013

The CSUSM improv show is always interesting.  It really pushed my understanding of what dance is and could be.  Ive always had this perception that dance has to be graceful and pretty.  Dance is an expression just like anything else and I’ve always looked at it as a skill or a craft.  It doesnt have to be that way…thats what I was able to take away from this event.  I also realized that power comes in numbers.  None of the dancers in the improv show are professional dancers and you could tell that they were not, however that doesnt mean the dance was terrible.  They were all working towards the same goal and so you didnt focus on their flaws or anyone individual.  You just saw them as a whole.

Art event 1

Malashock Dance production- Lyceum theater San Diego  November 14 2013

This was a professional dance production performed by young talented dancers in the San Diego area.  I was astounded by the way that these dancers are able to move their bodies.  The human body is actually a very beautiful and powerful thing.  I dont have any experience nor have i studied much dance but there are all the same elements in dance as there is design.  Form, balance, symmetry etc.  that I could see that made this dance aesthetically beautiful.  There was nothing specific about the dance that has inspired me to create anything at the moment but I never know how my subconscious mind can work its way into my art.  Watching dance has made me change my mind about it.  I feel like dancing is stereotyped as a very girly thing and watching it has made me to see through that.